Testimonial - Melissa Allen

Hi Christine and Louis,


Just wanted to send a note to say how much we appreciate the hard work and diligence that Arris has put forward on the Convene at Citadel project. He is a remarkable member of the team and is constantly providing an exceptional level of service and professionalism to both our team and ECI. I also appreciate his ability to communicate with me – always in formative, but not bogged down in the details.


I know it’s been a big push to move all the CA efforts forward the past month, so want to give credit where credit is due!




Melissa Allen

Studio Director


c: 973.797.9655

101 Greenwich Street, 4th Floor | New York, NY | 10006

Testimonial - Jon Stocker

Hands down the best architect I’ve worked with as a client / consultant. You were the man that made it soooo easy. 


JON STOCKER |  Director of Real Estate Development




Testimonial - Bill Jaekel - Mazur + Son Construction

Arris provided first rate service to his client, State Bank of Illinois. I had the pleasure of working with Arris on that project and we were able to complete the project in a timely fashion due to Arris' thoroughness and knowledge.

Testimonial - Maurice Forde - Forde Windows and Remodeling

Arris is both a great architect/designer but also a great Project manager. Highly detailed, organized and creative.